Together Chaffee has released a new comprehensive plan draft and we want to hear from you. Did we get it right?

Here is a link to the draft:

We want to know, are the values, vision, and goals reflected in this plan the right direction for our County’s future? To answer that question, we created a survey for you to review the draft plan and provide us feedback. You can take that survey here: Deadline for completing the survey is Wednesday, August 12.

What Has Happened Since The Last Draft Was Released? 

As a reminder of what has happened since our last public outreach phase in early December of 2019. 

  • In January, the Planning Commission hosted 6 focus groups with nonprofits, organizations, municipal staff, community leaders and agency partners on how to strengthen the comprehensive plan draft v.1. 
  • At the end of March, the Planning Commission took the feedback from both the December and January meetings and met weekly from April to the end of May to revise the Values, Vision, Goals, & Strategies. During this process, the Planning Commission continued to work with County Boards and organizations who are on the ground doing a lot of the work in our county.
  • In June, the Planning Commission held two joint work sessions with the staff and officials from Salida, Poncha Springs, and Buena Vista to refine the draft future land use plan and maps. A lot of good discussion came out of this about how the County and municipalities can better collaborate on planned growth.
  • Cushing Terrell took all the feedback from all these meetings to create a new draft for your review. 

How Can We Engage In the Plan Review? 

The comprehensive plan is being released in two phases. 

  1. The first phase includes the values, vision, goals and strategies. Here is how you can participate:
    • Take the survey by August 12
    • You can submit written feedback via email to Jon Roorda, the Planning Manager at or Christie Barton, County Planner at
    • Watch Facebook for an opportunity to participate in a live Q&A session with planning staff and Planning Commissioners in early August. You can follow us here:
    • You can learn more about the plan by listening to the July interview on KHEN’s Chaffee County Housing Report podcasts with County Commissioner Baker and Planning Commissioner Marjo Curgus on the comprehensive plan and managing growth. 
    • Send an email to the Chair of the Planning Commission, Anderson Horne at if your organization’s board would like a brief update or have a conversation. He will arrange for attendance by representatives of the Planning Commission. (Due to the pandemic, this is mostly being done remotely)
  1. In August, the second phase will include the release of a revised future land use plan (FLUP) and map. The FLUP will represent how we achieve the vision and goal on the physical landscape. We will send another email with how to participate in that phase, but we are planning on hosting a virtual community meeting on Zoom that will include a presentation from Cushing Terrell on the results of phase 1 community input as well an overview of the future land use plan. 

Finally, as you review this plan, note that this plan draft reflects both the “comprehensive” work of many of the organizations throughout the county in addition to the specific work and responsibilities of the County government. We will be hosting a work session that will include the nonprofits, organizations, the county government, agencies, etc. to develop an implementation and prioritization strategy in August. This workshop will help increase countywide collaboration and alignment of activities while we work together towards achieving our shared vision. This implementation strategy will be part of the final comprehensive plan. 

Thank you for taking the time to ensure Chaffee County has a prosperous future!

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