Buena Vista, CO Municipal Code  Sec. 7-14. – Snow or ice deposits.
(a)  No person shall deposit or cause any snow or ice to be deposited on or against any fire hydrant or traffic signal control device or appurtenance; nor shall any person deposit or cause to be deposited accumulations of snow or ice upon or adjacent to any sidewalk, street or roadway, loading and unloading area of a public transportation system, or designated emergency access land, such as may retard or in any way interfere with the safe and orderly flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic by obstructing the view of such traffic on intersecting streets or drives or by any other means, or in any way obstruct or impede street or roadway drainage.

(b)The owners or occupants of property abutting upon or adjacent to sidewalks within the corporate limits of the Town shall keep such sidewalks free and clear of snow and ice. In the event such owners or occupants fail to remove snow and ice from such sidewalks within twenty-four (24) hours after the accumulation of snow and ice thereon, the Town may have the sidewalks cleaned and cleared of snow and ice, and the cost thereof, including inspection
and other incidental costs and an additional cost for administration not to exceed ten percent (10%), shall be assessed against the property in accordance with the assessment provisions hereinafter set forth.

(Ord. 4 §1, 2019)

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