One of the benefits of being a member of the Buena Vista Welcome Center and Chamber of Commerce is the Member Spotlights!  The spotlight will be on you and the market you represent.  Our quarterly focus will be on the various business sectors and weekly spotlighting individual businesses in that sector.  We will be focusing on publicizing your individual business through emails, social media, and Chamber Chat Radio Ads on all four Heart of the Rockies Radio Stations.  We want to get to know you better and help promote you-our members.

We will spotlight businesses in the groups in the order we receive the surveys back.  We are working hard to assist you in achieving your goals and making our community an even better place to do business. If we do not receive your survey, we will not be able to do a member spotlight for your business.

Spotlight Survey

Below is a link to our Spotlight survey.  Please take some time and think about your answers. Your survey will help us promote your business and will also be helpful for your setting up your radio interviews.  We want to know what sets your business apart and makes your business unique. We know many businesses pride themselves on customer service.  We would like you to dig a little deeper and tell us why you provide the best customer service.  Is it because of your staff?  The way you train your staff?  The personal touches your business adds?  We challenge you to give us detailed answers.  We would also like to know about your employees.  Do you have any that go above and beyond for you?  Do you have one that does a lot for the community?  Do you have someone you would like to recognize?

Please Send Us Photos…

Please submit pictures/videos of your business (cell phone photos are fine).  Also, we would like pictures from when your business first opened for Throwback Thursdays.  Do we have an updated logo from your business?

We will use the pictures on our social media and website to promote your business.  Please email them to:

Spotlight Schedule

October thru December 2019– Retail Businesses
January thru March 2020– Service Industry Businesses
April thru June 2020– Outdoor Businesses
July thru September 2020– Homebased and Non-profit Businesses

Chamber Members

If you are a Chamber Member and have not filled out the Spotlight Survey, please do so.  We do not want to leave you out!

Member Spotlight Survey Link


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