Ride The Rockies’ goal is to have a positive economic impact on its host communities and their businesses. We’d like your help to ensure this is happening by participating in an economic impact study. Our main objective is simple: to find out how much money was spent in your community while Ride The Rockies was in town. There are five main focus areas we are interested in:

• Food & Beverage
• Grocery/Convenience Store
• Lodging
• Retail
• Entertainment/Tourism

Please take a moment to fill out the survey *We would greatly appreciate receiving completed economic impact surveys are due July 19th, 2019. *Once we have gathered all the information we will send out a summary of the economic impact as well as survey results from the participants about the host communities.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help send this out and fill it out!  
Best, Deirdre Moynihan, Tour Director, Ride The Rockies & Jenny Anderson, Event Manager, Communities

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