Our Town Medical – Dr. Eric Gibb

At Our Town Medical we are saddened to hear that Dr. Varble is closing her office, but we’re here to help make your transition to a new medical practice as smooth as possible.

We provide the same Direct Primary Care model as Dr. Varble’s Peace of Mind Medical Care and we have openings for new patients and for businesses looking to provide health care benefits for their employees.

We provide affordable medical care for individual patients and to the employees of buisnesses in Buena Vista including, Eddyline Restaurant, Eddyline Brewery, Autism Consultants, Simple Eatery, South Main/Surf Hotel, The Lariat, Fading West Builders of The Farm Development, and The Town of Buena Vista.

We provide – 

 – Greater access to one on one time with physician.

– Extended appointment times

– Home, office, or telemedicine visits on request.

– Complete primary care services at one low monthly fee.

(719) 722-3606, docgibb.com, office@docgibb.com


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