When you have a moment stop in and congratulate Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy for 10 great years in the Valley.  Jumpin’ Good Goat Dairy was originally founded by Dawn Jump in 2002. Her dream was to combine her love for goats and cheese-making while bringing sustainable food to her local community and the world at large. 

In 2008, Dawn Jump and her family returned to the Upper Arkansas River Valley to beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado to open the dairy and creamery where it stands today. Since opening our barn doors we’ve seen our herd and mission grow and evolve with the help of our dedicated staff and ultra-supportive community.

They proudly hand-craft a variety of creative farmstead goat cheeses. Our award-winning cheeses are unique adaptations of old-world cheese-making traditions. Their technique is grounded in familiar comfort while their flavors and style are continually an unexpected surprise for both goat cheese novices and experts alike. The public has come to know and love our cheeses by their bright, mild flavors and satisfying textures.

Almost everyday of the year the public is invited to interact with the processes, people and animals on our farm while experiencing the origins of food via the on-site Jumpin’ Good Country store as well as our educational milking and farm tours. The Jumpin’ Good Country store is packed with locally produced products as well as our full variety of unique cheeses. We happily introduce our patrons to wonderful pairing and recipe ideas for our cheeses while sharing with them the educational aspects of farm life.

They invite all comers to visit us here in the heart of the Rocky Mountains!  Visit https://www.jumpingoodgoats.com/ for more information!

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