Have a personal experience with the local housing crisis?
Chaffee County invites you to be the star of that story.

On March 12-14, the Chaffee County Office of Housing and Department of Public Health will co-host a video-based storytelling workshop to help ten participants who live or work in Chaffee to hone and deliver personal stories about their experience with local housing challenges – then be the “star” of a professionally produced video delivering that story. The workshop will be led by the Denver-based StoryCenter, an organization that helps to transform lives and communities through listening to and sharing stories.

The no-cost workshop is limited to ten participants, and recruitment is currently underway. Potential participants include local employers, employees, renters, homeowners – or anyone struggling to find affordable housing. Possible experiences could include: facing lost opportunities or poor health due the high cost of housing, being a local business owner unable to hire and retain employees, having to drive long distances to work in Chaffee County, or any number of other scenarios.

Through the course of the weekend workshop, each participant will be supported in developing their personal story and delivering it on video. The outcome will be a set of ten videos (one for each participant), which will subsequently be screened at a public film event in Spring 2020 and used to generate public interest, advocacy and action to address local housing problems. This project is supported by the “Housing + Health” initiative, which is funded by a state-wide Health Disparities Grant Program. It is the first in a series of storytelling activities planned by Chaffee County to capture local perspectives and challenges about health, housing and well-being. To learn more about the StoryCenter, www.storycenter.org    

WHAT: Housing + Health Storytelling Workshop

This three-day workshop will be led by professional storytellers and videographers. While telling a story may sound easy, there’s an art and skill to creating one that can be captured on video in a personal and compelling way. During the workshop, you’ll learn what makes a good story – and how to put the pieces of your personal experience together into a powerful narrative that can inspire others and influence decision makers. You’ll also gain production and presentation tips that will allow you to “shine” on camera and present yourself more effectively in any situation. 

WHO: Chaffee county residents; local employers, employees, renters, homeowners – or anyone struggling to find affordable housing.

WHEN: March 12-14, 9am-5pm
While this is an exciting opportunity, we also understand that three full days is a major commitment. To offset that, we can offer transportation assistance, meals each day, childcare, and provide incentives for any lost time at work. We are also committed to work with the potential storyteller’s employer to ensure that there is minimal impact to the business.

WHERE: Salida, CO (details will be shared with confirmed participants)

HOW: If you’re interested in participating in the workshop, contact Chaffee County Public Health at 719-539-4510.

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