I want to take a moment and let you know, Hi Valley Supply is STILL OPEN,  & we are here to completely serve you and your company in whatever plumbing and heating needs you have. We have been watching the current situation w/ the spread of this virus and have decided that we need to do our part in protecting both you and your employee(s) as well as the TEAM of Hi Valley Supply.  Being that this virus is spread mainly from person to person contact. We have decided to make a few changes until this virus is contained and/or resolved.  New procedures starting today, March 23rd:

To Our Valued Customers and friends in business, As the latest updates on COVID-19 continue to be monitored, Hi Valley Supply remains committed to providing all your Plumbing and Heating needs, while maintaining the safest environment for both you and your employee(s), as well as, all employees of Hi Valley Supply. In the interest of ensuring a safe and healthy work environment, Hi Valley Supply would like to inform you of the following actions we are taking to keep both you, your employees, and our employees safe.
•Hi Valley Supply will be adjusting our procedure on how we handle our inside/counter sales:

1.Any material that needs to be picked up, will now require a phone call (719) 395-2461 and/or an E- mail to Tim Willburn twillburn@hi-valley.com or Carlos Rosa CRosa@hi-valley.com, with a list of material needed.

2.Our Staff will call, E-mail and/or text when material is ready. (If employee(s) are at and/or show up for pick-up from Hi Valley Supply before order is ready, we ask that they remain in their vehicle until order is complete and ready to be loaded.)

3.You will receive one packing slip. [No pricing will be on packing slip] If pricing is needed, we can email a copy with pricing. All invoices will be emailed unless it is a cash sale and then the receipt will be with your items.

4.All Cash Sales will now be done via phone & will be paid with CREDIT CARD ONLY via phone.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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