Date(s) - 07/13/2019
12:00 am

Buena Vista Community Center

Want to learn how to fire dance? Come cultivate a relationship to this powerful element and learn all you need to know about fire safety, fueling essentials, and equipment needed to do it right and as safe as possible.

What to expect: Fire!… its hot but actually quite safe when you respect it. There is a relationship with fire special to each of you that you will begin to cultivate. It will inspire you, humble you and leave you in awe. The fire already lives within you, come let it emerge and explore your dance.

What to bring: Please wear natural fibers (at least 80%) such as cotton, silk, leather and wool (not too bulky) materials that are comfortable, able to dance in that is not too constricting. Head coverage (bandana, hat, etc) or hair up if you don’t want to smell burn hair. Arm protection, natural fiber gloves if you want to be extra safe. Do not wear anything with loose fabric or flowy. Bare skin is just fine if you want to feel the heat 🙂

Prerequisites: at least 18 years of age, basic awareness of body mechanics, interest in dance and desire for movement, respect for fire and a healthy level of fear and ego.

Natalie Franciose has been wielding fire for over a decade! Beginning with her love of hoop dancing in 2006, while attending Radford University for Biology and Chemistry, she found her hearts calling while dancing within the circle. She soon moved to Colorado and soon found her community within circus arts. Always frolicking about, she has performed and taught all over the country sharing her light on and off stage. Called by the elements she earned her masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine to deepen her understanding of flow and the energetic relationships within the body and nature. Currently haling from Denver Colorado, she is honored to be hosted by BVC to share the wisdom of fire and have a little fun with new friends.

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