Date(s) - 12/05/2018
12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Buena Vista Public Library

Chaffee Green’s next meeting will be on December 5, at 12:30 at the Buena Vista Public Library.

Chaffee Green, a new eco-friendly group of action-oriented volunteers, recently met on November 7 at the Poncha Springs Town Hall to collaborate on ideas and rally together to spread the message of sustainability to businesses, individuals and schools throughout Chaffe County.  Their mission is to find creative solutions to Chaffee County’s recycling and waste management issues and to reduce reliance on one-time-use plastics in Chaffee County. 

                These are the facts.  The Chaffee County landfill is accumulating at a rate three times faster than was originally predicted and will soon need to find alternative solutions to handling the amount of materials they are receiving.  Sadly, 40% of materials accumulating in the landfill are food waste that could have been consumed or separated for compost if facilities were available in Chaffee County to divert those materials.  China is no longer accepting plastics from the U.S., creating a backlog of plastics intending to be recycled in America.  Angel of Shavano Recycling no longer has the ability to process plastics 3-6 nor plastic bags and can no longer accept any of these items at their receptacles.  Plastic bags and straws not only litter our streets but fill our landfills and oceans with hazardous material at an alarming rate.  These unnecessary items could easily be replaced if we work together to bring an alternative to Chaffe County.

                Chaffee Green is here to offer solutions to these troubling issues.  Together, we are finding ways to address these issues and come up with creative solutions to build a sustainable future for our county.  Sustainable Salida and Sustainable Poncha Springs have created reusable bags that are now available for purchase at the Salida Chamber of Commerce as well as supporting businesses in Salida.  Chaffee Green is also looking for contributions for the printing of more reusable bags for Sustainable Buena Vista.  All meetings are open to the public and handicap accessible. If you are interested in contributing, volunteering, have a creative sustainable solution, or would like a speaker to present on these topics for your group or classroom, please contact Jacy Doumas at or by phone at 719-641-6460, or visit for more information.

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