Date(s) - 06/18/2020
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Buena Vista Chamber of Commerce

Over 27,000,000 is the current estimate of slaves worldwide. More than at any point in human history. Every 30 seconds, another person falls victim to the human trafficking industry. Often these slaves are kidnapped or sold by families under desperate circumstances. As the demand to exploit men, women and children for manual and sexual labor increases, the average age of victims continues to fall.

these statistics are unacceptable. These are not mere numbers, they represent lost and stolen human lives, lives which we are relentlessly fighting for! Together we are investing our lives, devoting our unique skills and resources to bring justice and freedom to those that desperately need it, both locally, here in Buena Vista, CO, and globally.

Get involved and be their voice!!

HOPE is a local chapter of “the A21 campaign” in Buena Vista, CO. The A21 Campaign is an organization whose mission is to abolish injustice in the 21st century. We are fighting to end human trafficking with a special emphasis on sex trafficking. HOPE stands for Helping Others, Protecting Everyone. We believe that bringing knowledge and awareness about the human trafficking problem and how traffickers work will protect our community. Our goal is to make educational presentations to schools, community organizations, churches, and the police force. We also sponsor community awareness events and fundraising events.

To learn more about the problem of human trafficking, please visit the A21 Campaign website.

Please join us! The more people we have working towards our goal the safer we become.

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