Date(s) - 02/09/2019
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Bittersweet: Sugar Skull Venerations by Katharine Clapp
also featuring a showing of jewelry and fine metal creations by Joseph Strandberg is taking over The Storefront at Watershed!

The public is invited to the first paired showing of our works, just before Valentine’s day! Joe and I have been married more than 12 years, sharing chores, love notes, and studio space the whole time. We would like to invite everyone to see what we’ve created!

The artwork came out of a number of left overs from Day of the Dead. The painted sugar skulls explore concepts of the chakras, native American medicine wheels, voodoo sigils, mehndi patterns, and more. Many are painted as pairs or groups, to better explore a concept, but all are available for individual sale.

Joe Strandberg describes himself primarily as a metalsmith. He makes jewelry from brass, silver and gold featuring stones he’s found and many he’s cut himself. He also creates unique fine metal items, often one of a kind. Come see the brass djidgeridoo!

Katharine Clapp describes herself as belly dancer who moonlights as a cleaning lady. She also owns and operates the Czestekova Sideshow, which is how she got into painting. A sideshow needs banners! And then she couldn’t put the brush down!

Kat has been one of the organizers for Salida’s Day of the Dead Parade from its conception. Every year, she leads sugar skull making as part of the workshops exploring traditions of ancestor veneration.

At 7pm, The Novel Nomads will perform in The Garage! The dance troupe will showcase group and solo performances so you can see what’s available in our classes.

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Joseph Strandberg

Katharine Clapp

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