Date(s) - 01/15/2018
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Gone to the Dogs Salida

2018 Dog Training Classes @ Gone to the Dogs. 719-539-4220 or

Obedience – Want a dog that listens and has great recall?  We have 11 Innovative Classes in session every week.  Jump in at any time, with classes as low as $6-8 for Unlimited Access.

Puppy – Free Puppy Classes EVERY Wednesday & Saturday at 12:30pm.  We give your puppy the essentials they need.  For puppies 8-16 weeks, with 1 round of shots.

Agility – Want to try out agility?  We have an Intro to Agility, Single Session class every month on a Saturday.  The first one is January 10th 3:00-4:30pm –

Behavior Consults -We work on all issues:  Aggression, Reactivity, Biting, Jumping, Running Away, Poor Recall, Separation Anxiety, Car Anxiety, Pulling on Leash, Submissive Peeing, Chasing Cars, Barking, Fearful.

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