The Gathering Church

Member Name: The Gathering Church
Phone: (719) 395-6337

The Gathering Church is a Non-Denominational Church.  We don’t care how you’re dressed, how many tattoos or piercings you have, or what your past has been.  We are a gathering of broken, imperfect people with every kinds of story imaginable, and we’re saving a seat for you.

John Gosch – Pastor.  I grew up in Buena Vista and graduated from BVHS. After graduating I went to CSU Ft. Collins.  Eventually God brought me and my family (wife: Beth and children: Katie, Ashtin & Emily) back to BV.  In 2014 I helped plant The Gathering church and a year later I was asked to be Lead Pastor.  The intention of planting and now leading The Gathering is so that there can be a church in BV that is different than all the others.  We strive to be a place that everyone would want to attend because we focus on what Jesus intended the church to be and we steer clear of religious rules and traditions.

Address: 142 Oak St.
City: Buena Vista
State: CO
ZIP Code: 81211

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