Rocky Mountain Taxi, LLC

Rocky Mountain Taxi, LLC
Member Name: Rocky Mountain Taxi, LLC
Phone: 719-966-2005

Rocky Mountain Taxi services Chaffee County, Colorado.
Rocky Mountain Taxi is an on demand service. Though appointments are welcome, it is not necessary to make one. You make the call and we come to pick you up and get you to your destination in a safe, clean, timely manner.
Our rates are as follow:
Flag Drop (start meter) $7.00 (covers first mile)
Each additional 1/10 mile is 30 cents, up to 10 miles. (first 10 miles is $34.00)
Each additional 1/10 mile is 20 cents.

Address: 14770 US Highway 285
City: Salida
State: Co
ZIP Code: 81201

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