DEERHAMMER Distilling Company

DEERHAMMER Distilling Company
Member Name: DEERHAMMER Distilling Company
Phone: 719-395-9464

At Deerhammer, their distilling is steeped in whiskey tradition, but their methods are infused with curiosity and creativity. From their cornerstone single malt to new 4-grain bourbon and limited run single barrel spirits, they are redefining the flavor—and future—of independent American whiskey.  Deerhammer is, first and foremost, a small independent business. High in the Colorado mountains, the distillery is inspired by the bootstrap ambition of the settlers who first settled the west and the passion for exploration that defines Buena Vista’s history.

As a grain to glass distillery, Deerhammer is focused on process. From recipe formulation to mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation, they have experimented with every step in the process to better understand the effects of subtle choices on our final product. The result is a unique whiskey steeped in history, yet brewed with a pioneering perspective. Visit DEERHAMMER anytime for free distillery tours. Learn about the art, science and innovative approach that makes Deerhammer so different.  

Address: 321 E Main Street
City: Buena Vista
State: Colorado
ZIP Code: 81211

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