BVEC – Buena Vista Events Cooperative

BVEC – Buena Vista Events Cooperative
BVEC – Buena Vista Events Cooperative
(719) 581-1036

We can help plan events such as festivals, music events, demonstrations, and lectures.  Our experience includes organizing dog shows, “circuses,” minstrel shows, magic shows, car shows, and puppet shows.  All of these have used the Watershed/BVEC stage on the Watershed property at 410 E. Main in Buena Vista.   

BVEC (Buena Vista Event Cooperative) was formed when a group of actors from a melodrama in Buena Vista decided to work toward raising awareness and support for a venue that would be more suitable for performance and visual art than what is available at present.  Perhaps you’ve seen the little hot dog cart that we used to raise BVEC funds.  We did that for two summers. 

Then Central Colorado Performing Arts Center took us under their wing, allowing us to purchase a large trailer that was refurbished to be a stage.  It now sits on the back lot of the W a t e r s h e d  building at 409 Main Street.  The first performance was Open Mike Night on May 20, 2017. 

In collaboration with Watershed, the stage will be the venue for many family-oriented events through summer. Events include the BVEC Dog Show and the July 1st  BVEC Car Show on Main Street.  The BVEC summer schedule is available at the W a t e r s h e d.

It is our hope that we eventually will have a real stage with walls, ceiling, auditorium seating, and a good sound system for our many talented people in this community. 

If you would like to use the stage, contact Watershed at

For additional information visit our at facebook page.


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  • BVEC – Buena Vista Events Cooperative

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