Chaffee County Shuttle – Senior Shopper Program Launches Mon. April 13th

The citizens of Chaffee County, in combinations with The Chaffee Shuttle, (Grant from Chaffee County Community Fund CCCF), Home Health & Hospice (HRHHH) and the Chaffee County Government have launched a senior grocery shopper program.

Purpose: Provide grocery delivery services for senior citizens (or citizens in need). These people do not need to leave their home.

1. Seniors in need of grocery’s call Tambra Stutes at Heart of Rockies Home Health & Hospice (HRHHH) at 314-201-1450 to put in their request for groceries.

2. Volunteer shoppers needed! Please call Chris Martin 719-239-0023 or with name, full address and phone number

3. Shopping will be done for Salida/Poncha on M & W; Buena Vista on Tu & Th.

4. Shopping day… Chaffee Shuttle will pick up the volunteer shopper, drop them off at the grocery store, shopper will purchase groceries on their list with a pre-paid gift card to pay for the groceries. Shopper will be driven to the senior’s home for delivery inside or at the front door. The citizen will be encouraged to pay for the groceries with a check payable to Chaffee County Community Foundation. The monies will be deposited back into CCCF’s Senior Shopping account as a donation.

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