The County Commissioners are actively working on a three phased reopening of Chaffee County during the month of May and beginning of June. All businesses looking to re-open during this phased approach will be required to fill out a Safe Business Checklist. 
The purpose of this Safe Business Checklist is to educate and provide guidelines to local businesses to ensure we are all operating in the best interest of public health, as well as making our operations safe for employees and the general public.
All business will need to receive the Safe Business Certificate from Chaffee County Public Health to reopen. The County has staffed up to ensure a very efficient and rapid turnaround.
To access the Safe Business Checklist and begin the process of submission, go here.
If you are a business that is already operating, please contact public health prior to filling out the form to get more guidance on how to receive a certificate.
For additional questions or concerns about this checklist, please contact Chaffee County Public Health at 719.539.4510. 

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