The Chaffee County Offices of Public Health and Housing have been awarded a
grant through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
wherein we will work to move the County closer to realizing the following
Envision Chaffee County goals: 

 – “Our community members are able to live locally and benefit from a
resilient economy;” and

 – “We have sustainable agriculture, beautiful rural landscapes, and
development focused in and around towns.”

To do this, we will address local policies and systems to make housing more
affordable, reduce the displacement of low- to moderate-income residents,
and ultimately improve the long term health outcomes of Chaffee County

We will be hosting community education events over the next year on a
variety of land use topics, in cooperation with the County’s Comprehensive
Planning efforts, collecting input from community members during each event.
The resulting recommendations will be presented to the Planning Commissions
and governing bodies of Chaffee County, Salida, Poncha Springs, and Buena
Vista, as recommendations to update the Land Use Code, following the
completion of the Comprehensive Plan.

We would very much like your input on which topics this effort should focus
on and ask you to complete this survey to inform those decisions. Please
follow this link to an online survey and select the land use topics you
would be most interested in learning about and weighing in on:

Thank you for your time and for your dedication to making Chaffee County a
community where our residents are able to live locally and benefit from a
resilient economy.

Respectfully, Becky Gray
Director of Housing
Chaffee County, Colorado
Desk: 719-530-2590
Cell: 719-239-1398

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