FREE Employee Business Training in Chaffee Cty. OCT. 28TH & Lake Cty. Oct. 29TH

Interactive Presentation and all participants will receive an HR Basics Manual valued at $50     

What you don’t know can hurt you.  I-9 audits and EEOC claims on the rise.

Research shows that businesses create a 22% increase in sales, 23% higher profit and reduce turnover by 67% when they implement HR management strategies.

It is important that employers are aware of what is required of them by Federal & Colorado law to limit liability and protect their business financials,” says Rebecca Page, President of Human Resources Plus

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Did you know? 
Statistics show that the average company loses 25% of its time managing avoidable HR related challenges. 

Everyday over 45,000 employment lawsuits are filed in the U.S. and 50% of business owners have been sued. 

Colorado legislature have over 2000 bills presented this past session and several new Colorado employment laws were passed that affect all employers.
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Important for Your Business if you Have One Employee or Hundreds!

Each FREE Session is: 4 hours

Hiring Top Talent Defining your company strategy, understanding your culture, creating job descriptions and implementing a standard hiring process will increase your ability to attract top candidates.

Keeping your Top Performers, It is not uncommon for management to be unaware of employee’s perceptions and experiences. Having this information and implementing great HR practices can improve business performance and reduce employee turnover.

Onboarding vs Orientation When onboarding is effective, it lays the foundation for long-term success for the employee and the employer.

Federal Law in the News the Overtime Rule is still in play, I-9 audits continue to increase, and unlawful harassment/discrimination claims have reached an all-time high.  This portion will provide you necessary knowledge and allow you to prepare and limit risks.

Group Exercise This interactive portion will provide all participants an alternative view of what constitutes sexual harassment or discrimination.

New Colorado Legislation The 2019 Legislation session resulted in several new employment laws that affect all employers including how you recruit and pay your employees.

What Now? Best Practices Conducting your own HR audit can provide you a roadmap to identify the projects that are most important and will have the largest financial impact.

Group Exercise Opportunity to develop action items that can be executed tomorrow!

All participants will receive an HR Basics Manual valued at $50

Register Here for the FREE Oct. 28th at Mt. Princeton Resort 

Register Here for the FREE Oct. 29th at CMC Leadville Campus

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