Press Release for Change in Plastic Recycling CollectionAngel of Shavano Recycling is announcing that we will no longer be able to accept 37 plastics beginning May 15, 2019. Due to the market collapse of these types of plasticswe cannot collect and process them.Unfortunately this is happening across the country.The plastic markets have been hit extremely hard due tomany factors especially the international ban of these types of plastics. We will continue to accept 12 plastic containers and are attaching new signs to assist the public with what materials are now accepted in the trailers. The bestway for the general public to identify these containers isto locate the number on the bottom of the container. Generally the container will be a twist top bottle (soda, detergent, and milk containers)or Clam Shells(produce containers such as strawberries). New signs will be in place by May 15 and have all the information the public needs for what is allowed in the trailers. 12 plastic containers have a strong market domestically and we will continue to search for other ways to divert 37 plastics from the landfill. Unfortunately due to our location and the value of the materials we cannot justify the collection of 37 plastics. Angel of Shavano will continue to collect the following materials at Chaffee County’s Drop Sites.Cardboard: Corrugated Boxes, Cereal/ Soda Boxes, Brown Paper and bags, Egg cartons, and Cartons (juice boxes, milk cartons) Paper:Office paper, Junk Mail, Folders, Magazines, Shredded Paper (in a bag). Newspaper:Newspaper Inserts, Phone Books, Coupons, White Packing Paper Glass: Bottles and Jars Only Colored (Brown, Green, and Blue), ClearTin/ Aluminum: Cans, Clean Aluminum Foil, Clean Aluminum Pans No Scrap Metal Plastic Containers 12:Plastic Bottles w/Twist Tops, Clam Shells Question can be emailed to shavanorecycling@gmail.comand we will respond to them as quickly as we can.

Thank You
Mickey Barry
Angel of Shavano Recycling, LLC

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