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Chamber of Commerce Gala 50's Sock Hop, Oct. 10, 6pm-9pm


We are pleased to introduce the following new chamber members who will serve 3 years:

Luke Foster with Rocky Mountain Trail.com

Jacob Mueller with The Midland Stop

Cindie Swisher with Swisher Diesel

Jerianna Pikul with Mount Princeton Hot Springs

Cathy Ridlon with Rustic Woods and Branding Iron

Dennis Walker of Timber and Lawn was appointed to finish out a one year position.

Erin Godonis of Mountain River Inn was appointed to finish out a two year position.

I am excited about our new board as the members represent all areas of town and diverse business types.  I know they will be looking out for YOUR interests as we move into 2017.


Hanratty’s Special Events & Mary Kay
Owner:  Violet Hanratty
PO Box 5155, Buena Vista, CO  81211

Violet Hanratty has been an independent beauty consultant for the past 7 years and is expanding her Mary Kay business and starting Hanratty’s Special Events.  She can plan and organize your special event from business conferences to weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, galas and more.  She was in charge of the 2016 Burro Race and organized the Chamber’s Sock Hop Gala.

Rise A Centre for Optimal Living
Owner:  Dr. Mishea Peltier
301 E Main St, Unit 105

Chiropractic has been a major part of Dr. Mishea’s life since the day she was born.  Her father, being a chiropractor, gave her her first adjustments at just minutes old.  The way she was raised was a little different than those around.  Her lifestyle, from an early age, consisted of chiropractic care, an organic plant-based diet, daily exercise and play time, and plenty of sun.  She led a really healthy and happy childhood.  But what inspired her to become a chiropractor was not how she was raised but through her experience in her father’s practice. She started working as his chiropractic assistant at the age of 15.  She witnessed miracle after miracle walk through his office.  She had an overwhelming feeling at her young age that this was her life-calling.  From that point, she never looked back.  School came easy to her because she was following her ultimate dream.  She started her Bachelor’s of Biology degree at Eastern Kentucky University, and completed her Bachelor’s at Life University.  Life University is also where Dr. Mishea graduated as Valedictorian of her Doctorate class.  Dr. Mishea is not only an advocate of Optimal Living, she practices what she teaches in her everyday life.  Dr. Mishea loves to compete in running events, from trails to the road.  She also loves hiking, practicing yoga, climbing mountains, eating a healthy organic diet, being a lifetime student, and being with her friends and family.  Dr. Mishea is a passionate person who is dedicated to seeing her community thrive and RISE.  Dr. Mishea’s mission and purpose is to facilitate and empower you towards realizing the healing potential that resides WITHIN your body. 

At Rise A Centre for Optimal Living, our mission and purpose is to facilitate and empower people to optimize their health, wellbeing and quality of life.  With Optimal Living Chiropractic care people overcome stress, disease, aches and pains and live healthy, happy and prosperous lives.  At Rise, every person is served with respect, authenticity and an open heart. 


We counted 954 visitors into the chamber in September and I know we don’t get all of them accounted for.

We have 3,765 Facebook fans
We have 1,482 Twitter followers
We also have 1,936 Instagram followers

Our website had 26,850 views for the month of September.


As the Executive Director of the Buena Vista Chamber, Kathi automatically holds a seat on the CCVB board.  A quick report:

December 15-17 there will be a Winter Facebook Coop with the CTO.  This has driven a lot of people to our chamber website in the past. 

20% of the budget has been spent on summer marketing; 50% will be spent on winter; the remainder on other expenses.  It was decided that we need to focus on gaining more visitors in the winter. I asked that the winter budget markets snowmobiling, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and fat tire biking and not focus entirely on downhill skiing as we don’t benefit from that as much.  We need to grow lodging occupancy in January, February and April,

  Retail sales tax for Buena Vista is up 15% compared to Salida (22%) and Poncha Springs (20%).  Lodging tax is up 22%.

  Website traffic is up 68.45% compared to 2015 and up 576.78% compared to 2014

Business After Hours at the View Cafe at Best Western, October 20, 5:30pm
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