Happenings at a Glance:

March 14, 2018  Candidate Forum
March 15, 2018  $30 Thursdays at Ski Cooper
March 15, 2018  Tourism & Outdoor Rec. Workshop
March 15, 2018  FREE Income Tax Return Prep
March 15, 2018  March Business After Hours
March 15, 2018  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes
March 15, 2018  BV Supper Club
March 15, 2018  GARNA’s Nature Series
March 15, 2018  Open Fellowship/Worship
March 16, 2018  BV Rec. Dance Registration
March 16, 2018  Ski with a Naturalist
March 16, 2018  Free Concert Series Vino Salida
March 16, 2018  Live Celtic Music
March 16, 2018  Adult Martial Arts
March 16, 2018  American Legion Bingo
March 16, 2018  Free live music
March 17, 2018  Never Summer Demo Day
March 17, 2018  St. Patrick’s Day Party
March 17, 2018  Community Dog Walk
March 17, 2018  HRRMC Pregnancy & Baby Fair
March 17, 2018  St. Patty’s Day Party at Collegiate Peaks Golf Course
March 17, 2018  Music By The Pools
March 17, 2018  Puppy Classes
March 17, 2018  Never Summer Running of the 36’s
March 17, 2018  Ski Cooper Live Music
March 17, 2018  Free Concert Series Vino Salida
March 17, 2018  St. Patty’s Day Party
March 17, 2018  The Next Step
March 18, 2018  Ski with a Ranger
March 18, 2018  Learn to Swing Dance!
March 18, 2018  Open Gym Volleyball
March 19, 2018  Monday Morning Art
March 19, 2018  Youth Indoor Soccer Open Gym
March 19, 2018  Adult Martial Arts
March 19, 2018  BV Supper Club
March 20, 2018  Women’s Self-Led Workout Group
March 20, 2018  BV Women’s Connection Luncheon
March 20, 2018  FREE Income Tax Return Prep
March 20, 2018  Fire and Ice – Geology of the Arkansas Valley
March 21, 2018  Men’s Coffee & Conversation
March 21, 2018  Puppy Classes
March 21, 2018  What the Help! Party
March 21, 2018  Chamber Board Meeting


Project will enhance safety along highway corridor near Nathrop

NATHROP, CO – Starting on Monday, March 12, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Sema Construction will begin working on US Highway (US) 285 from the US 285/US 24 junction to Nathrop. The goal of the $3.5 million dollar project is to enhance safety along this corridor with the construction of a wildlife underpass and the installation of a new left-turn lane at a busy county road.

“Approximately 70 deer have been killed by motor vehicles in the past two years in this location and close to 250 in the last decade, making safety a concern for both motorists and wildlife,” said Andrea Meduna, project engineer. “As much as 70 percent of all reported crashes in this area are wildlife-vehicle collisions. Studies have shown that wildlife crossings, coupled with fencing, can reduce collisions by over 75 percent.”

The wildlife underpass will be approximately 85 feet long, 12 feet tall and 32 feet wide. Deer fencing will also be installed, which will help channel the animals into the underpass. This eight-foot-tall fence will stretch approximately one-quarter mile south of the underpass and approximately one mile north of the underpass. Other features will include “jump-outs” or wildlife escape ramps, which are one-way earthen ramps that animals can use to get back over the fence to safety, should they get trapped within the highway corridor. Additionally, deer guards (like cattle guards only wider) will be installed at highway accesses and small mammal crossings will be constructed under the highway. 

The project also includes widening of the highway to accommodate a new left-turn lane for southbound US 285 traffic turning onto Chaffee County Road 301/Fisherman’s Bridge.


  • Work on US 285 is scheduled to begin Monday, March 12 with a completion date in June.
  • Normal working hours will be from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Friday. In special cases these hours may be extended.
  • Weekend work is not anticipated.

For more information or to be added to our public outreach list to receive construction updates, please contact:
Phone: 970-903-1110
Email: info@heyredmarketing.com
Website: www.codot.gov/projects/us285-wildlifeunderpass-nathrop/

Dear Friends of BVMA,

It’s been an unusual winter with the lack of snow and warm temperatures. Despite the weather we have had a very fun and successful winter here at BVMA. Thanks to all of you who came out for our courses and guided trips over the past 4 months!

As Spring approaches, we are excited about new opportunities and wanted to let you know about our upcoming courses. Below is a list of some of the highlights. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have thoughts or questions.

April 7th – First Aid and CPR: This is a 5 hour course covering the basics of 1st Aid, CPR and AED use. Cost is $120 and no prior experience is necessary. See our website for more info or to sign up.

April 21st – Mountain Navigation 101: This course is focused on map and compass skills and has both a classroom and outdoor practical application portion. Navigation is an essential skill set for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. Cost is $75 for this full day course. No prior experience is necessary. Info and registration will be on the website soon. Email us at reservations@bvmountainadventures.com to sign up.

April 22nd – Mountain Navigation 201: This course will build on the fundamentals and focus on using online mapping tools, GPS, and cell phone apps to plan trips and navigate in the backcountry. This is a more advanced course in navigation for all backcountry users. Mountain Navigation 101 or equivalent experience required. Cost is $85 per person. Info will be on the website soon. Email us to sign up.

April 28th-29th: Wilderness First Responder (WFR) Recertification: This 2 day course, Sponsored by SOLO Wilderness Medicine enables current WFR’s to recertify their credentials. Holders of WFR certs from SOLO, WMA, NOLS/WMI, and Desert Mountain Medicine can recertify using this course. Cost is $295 per person. Call or email to sign up, spaces will fill fast.

May 5th-6th: Ski Mountaineering Clinic: This 2 day clinic will focus on the skills needed to climb and ski big Spring objectives. All skills will be taught by a certified AMGA Rock and Ski Guide. Cost is $395 per person and includes the use of crampons and ice axe. Register online or call us for more information.

We look forward to seeing you in the mountains this Spring!

Chris Nicewarner, Owner

Get your limited-time-only local discount cards to support the BVHS choir!

Buy the 2018 BVHS Soundscapes Discount Card HERE!

The 2018 BVHS Soundscapes Discount Card features eight amazing offers and discounts from many of BV’s favorite businesses.  For $20 this card can be yours, and valid for the rest of 2018.  That’s an amazing deal to support our amazing BVHS choir program.  Every discount card purchased will help us travel to New York City to perform Morten Lauridson’s Lux Aeterna at the world famous Carnegie Hall.  
And so do YOU!

Foodshed Alliance Now Accepting Vendor Applications

Farmers Markets Open June 2nd & 3rd, 2018

Buena Vista, & Salida Colorado February 9, 2018 — Foodshed Alliance is now accepting vendor applications, and booking performing artist for the Market Stage.

Chaffee County Farmers Markets will operate in Buena Vista on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM in South Main Town Square and in Salida, on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM in Alpine Park. Mark your calendars; the season starts: June 2nd & 3rd, 2018.

To learn more about becoming a Market Vendor visit: https://FoodshedAlliance.com/become-a-vendor.

To apply to perform on the Market stage visit: https://FoodshedAlliance.com/stage

Direct any questions to Info@FoodshedAlliance.com or call 719.398.0301

Foodshed Alliance is a grassroots cooperative located in central Colorado. Our Vision to connect, develop and promote healthy communities by strengthening relationships between local producers and consumers. We aim to educate and expand our authentic, local, agriculture and cottage industry and empower our community to support a thriving, sustainable food system that contributes to the success of a buy-local economy.

If you are interested in having your business announcement added to the weekly announcements please:

  • Send any attachments as a .jpg – the preferred format – all others will be converted as needed;
  • Create your announcement using 400 pixels wide with a 150 dpi; 
  • All announcements must be in by 5PM on Tuesday.
  • Please use the Submit Announcements page in the member hub, or email marketing@BuenaVistaColorado.org
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