Happenings at a Glance:

January 10, 2018  Puppy Classes
January 10, 2018  REBOOT
January 11, 2018  $30 Thursdays at Ski Cooper
January 11, 2018  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes
January 11, 2018  Columbine Gem & Mineral Society’s Jewelry Class
January 11, 2018  Open Fellowship/Worship
January 11, 2018  Open Gym Basketball
January 12, 2018  Ski with a Naturalist
January 12, 2018  Cross Country Ski League
January 12, 2018  Vino Salida Free Concert Series
January 12, 2018  BV Community Dance
January 12, 2018  Blue Recluse @ Benson’s
January 13, 2018  Backcountry Day
January 13, 2018  Community Dog Walk
January 13, 2018  VFW Meeting
January 13, 2018  Puppy Classes
January 13, 2018  Ski Cooper Live Music
January 13, 2018  Vino Salida Free Concert Series
January 14, 2018  Ski with a Ranger
January 14, 2018  Open Gym Volleyball
January 15, 2018  2018 Dog Training Classes
January 15, 2018  BV Rec Winter Programming Registration
January 15, 2018  Monday Morning Art
January 15, 2018  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes
January 16, 2018  2Fer Tuesdays Ski Cooper
January 16, 2018  Women’s Self-Led Workout Group
January 16, 2018  Proactive Planning
January 16, 2018  Youth Dance: Hip Hop
January 16, 2018  Teen & Adult Hip Hop Dance
January 17, 2018  Puppy Classes
January 17, 2018  CLIMB on Early Release Days
January 17, 2018  Chamber Board Meeting
January 17, 2018  Youth Dance: Jazz
January 17, 2018  Adult Indoor Soccer League
January 17, 2018  Ballet Workshop

All Tourism Related Businesses A Photo COOP Opportunity to Help Your Business! 

Please take moment to review this unique marketing opportunity made available to you by the Chaffee County Visitors Bureau.  To sign up click here!

Local photographers were given the opportunity to contract for this COOP, and together we are passing on the savings to tourism related businesses in Chaffee County Colorado.

Photos will become the property of the individual businesses. The Chaffee County Visitors Bureau will also retain rights to use for the promotion of tourism. The photographer will retain rights to use photos in their portfolio.

CCVB Photography COOP
$300 the CCVB will match $150
$150 cost to the business the package includes:
      3 hours of photography;
      20 fully edited digital images;
      Professional editing and re-sizing of photos in according with your needs;
      Online delivery.

Buena Vista Solar Share Update

Sangre de Cristo Electric Association (SDCEA) has issued a winter update on the BV community solar project, which is part of a 2 MW solar farm they are planning.  We have uploaded SDCEA’s progress report to our website at www.bvsolarshare.org. We invite you to read the report there. It includes a time line for completion of the project.
New in this update:

  • SDCEA’s impact study, which they conducted this fall, is complete and shows no obstacles to building the solar project.
  • SDCEA has received bid proposals from several developers and is reviewing those proposals. The SDCEA Board of Directors will reportedly choose a developer for the project by the end of January 2018.
  • SDCEA is also still working on finalizing the land parcel for the project on the southeastern section of Department of Corrections property near highway 24/285.

SDCEA is still planning to have the project on line by the end of 2018. If they stay within their timeline, they should be ready to offer subscriptions to the community solar garden by late December 2018.

The next update is expected at the end of March 2018. Thanks for your continued interest!
Best Wishes,
Susan Greiner
Buena Vista Solar Share

CDOT Warns Backcountry Users About Unattended Vehicles Skiers, Snowshoers, Snowmobilers Should Use Extreme Caution When Leaving Vehicles on Side of Road  

STATEWIDE ― With the approaching storm and hopes of snow piling high in the mountains of Colorado, backcountry users are sure to start planning their next outdoor adventure – packing up skis and snowshoes into the car or loading the snowmobiles onto trailers. Meanwhile, for CDOT (the Colorado Department of Transformation), the accumulating snow means deploying snowplow operators and winter equipment to clear the highways and keep the roads safe for travelers.

CDOT encourages and welcomes the public to use and enjoy Colorado’s backcountry safely, but reminds outdoor enthusiasts to do so safely.

“Always obey road closures set in place for avalanche control mitigation and wait until authorities open the highway to ensure snow slide operations have been completed and roads cleared,” said Paul Wilson, CDOT maintenance foreman who supervises operations for US Highway (US) 550 Red Mountain, Molas and Coal Bank passes of the southern San Juan Mountains. “Backcountry users should NEVER leave vehicles near or adjacent to snow slide areas, which are always well marked with signs.”

CDOT advises those who use the backcountry to be careful when parking and leaving vehicles along the roadway. Anyone leaving a vehicle unattended on the side of the road, runs the risk of breaking the law and having their vehicle towed away by law enforcement. Backcountry users should park only in clearly marked and designated parking areas, typically found at the summit of mountain passes and at some trail heads.  

Some areas along the highway may provide ample room to park several feet away and off the asphalt. But CDOT reminds vehicle owners that they run the risk of being trapped and plowed in with snow pushed by the plow. Vehicles left on the side of the road also make the plowing job difficult for road maintenance crews.

“Our main objective is to clear the roadway as quickly and efficiently as possible so that the highway is made passable and safe for all travelers,” continued Wilson. “Our crews work in all sorts of weather conditions. When visibility is low and a plow comes upon a vehicle parked on the side of the road, there is potential for a collision. The vehicle could be damaged by a passing plow. Plus, this puts our operations behind schedule because of needed repairs or replacement of our own CDOT equipment.”

OBEY THE LAW: Backcountry users are also advised that when leaving vehicles on the shoulder of the road, they are at risk of breaking the law, being fined and their vehicle being towed away. Owners who leave vehicles unattended parked on the side of the road are at risk of obstructing the operations of heavy equipment and breaking the law. 

(2) Whenever any… (law enforcement) …. or agency employee finds a motor vehicle… attended or unattended, standing upon any portion of a highway right-of-way in such a manner as to constitute an obstruction to traffic or proper highway maintenance, such officer or agency employee is authorized to cause the motor vehicle, vehicle, cargo, or debris to be moved to eliminate any such obstruction…

For more information or to read the Colorado law in its entirety, visit: https://law.justia.com/codes/colorado/2016/title-42/regulation-of-vehicles-and-traffic/article-4/part-18/section-42-4-1803/

AIARE Avalanche Rescue

New participants will learn the basics of companion rescue, while return participants will expand their skill set with advanced topics and realistic scenario practice to help improve their skills after the course. Each participant will have the opportunity to receive professional coaching their rescue skills and will receive a rescue card acknowledging completion date at course end.
November 19th, 2017
December 10th, 2017
January 6th, 2018
February 3rd, 2018       LEARN MORE @ BVMountainAdventures.com

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