Date(s) - 07/30/2017
All Day


Buena Vista Sportsman’s Club
Buena Vista, Colorado
June 4 and July 30, 2017
Event #1: 100 16 yard Singles Classifications
Classes A-B-C-D-JR-L
 Singles Doubles
Targets and Trophies $28 A- 89 and over
Lewis Class $10 A – 95 and over B- 83 and under 89
Class Purse $10 B – 92 and under 95 C- under 83
 C- 89 and under 92
 D- under 89
Event # 2: 100 Handicap
Two Yardage Groups New Member Fees CSTA $20.00
(19-23)(24-27) ATA $20.00
Targets and Trophies $28 Lunch will be available.
Options 50($5.00 each 50) 60/40 $15 Practice will be open at 9 AM
Yardage Purse (60/40) $10 Shoot starts at 10AM
Lewis Purse $10 Practice: $5/25 rounds
Event #3 Fifty Pair Doubles New shells available. Reloads are permitted
Classes A-B-C if ATA rules are complied with.
Targets and Trophies $28 Registration Certificate
Lewis Purse $10 This certifies that the Buena Vista
 Sportsman’s Club has been authorized to
ATA AND CSTA FEES(DAILY) $7 hold a registered shoot on the date shown.
All shooters must have current CSTA and ATA Cards ATA rules will govern this shoot.
No purse or option money may be entered or with- BVSC JACKPOT IS NOW $470
drawn after squad #1 starts event 100 straight in HCP takes all.
Junior shooters pay half price for targets if The Club reserves the authority to reject,
not playing money. refund or disqualify any contestant whom in
 it’s judgement interferes with the conduct,
Trophies awarded to winner of each class or accuracy or sportsmanship of this shoot.
yardage group. Classification will be determined BVSC reserves the right to change or modify
by the higher of last years average or the last 500 this program in whole or part.
registered targets shot. Shooters without BVSC will not be responsible for theft or
established handicap will be classified as “B” accidents.
shooter with a handicap of 20 yards or as deter- Three in class and yardage group for win
mined by ATA procedure. In the interest of safety Trophy, five for RU Trophy.
no shooter is to pick up empties from the ground.
For more information call Jerry S. (719) 395-2964 or

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