spaI know it’s hard to believe, but there is the occasional lull during summer here in Buena Vista, CO. Those weekends that aren’t jammed with events, races, concerts, or parades. So, what do you do those weekends where you just want to catch your breath, see the town when it’s not going at a full run? Here’s a quick list:

Head to the hot springs! We have a variety, the most popular being Mt. Princeton Resort and Cottonwood Hot Springs and Spa. Remember, these both have different atmospheres, Mt. Princeton has a resort feeling, and larger pools. Cottonwood has a more intimate atmosphere, with smaller soaking pools.

Head to our local winery! Vino Salida gives winery tours as well as tastings. And, on the weekends they host live music.

Need to have give yourself a little TLC? Head to one of our great spas, like Intentions Spa. Get a facial, a manicure, or a full body massage, and let your cares just ease away.

You can also unwind with some yoga. jalaBlu has events all summer, as well as classes every day of the week and every level of yogi.

Our summers keep us on our toes, but sometimes it’s nice to have a weekend that’s not packed with fun things to do, so we can make time for other fun things to do. If you need more ideas on ways to relax, head over to our page on relaxing and rejuvenating, I’m heading to the spa.


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