Top of the Rockies Zipline

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See the Rocky Mountains from areas never before accessible to the public. Our spectacular 2500 acre private property rests on the splendid slopes of Mt. Arkansas, an almost “Fourteener” at 13,795 feet. Experience two hours of guided Snowmobiling then enjoy a delicious box lunch served in our cozy high mountain yurt with spectacular views of Mt. Elbert and Mt. Massive, two of the highest mountains in the U. S. Guests will receive gloves, helmet and other equipment, then enjoy a short zip on a practice line before departing from the first take-off deck at 11,200’. Trained and certified zip line guides will accompany participants on the tour. The course has five separate zip lining sections, each with entirely different elements of speed, height and terrain, with cables up to 850 feet, some more than 300 feet off the ground. All zips have double lines for safety. On 4 sections of the course, guests can fly side by side on TWIN LINES with magical views of the snowy alpine tundra just under the lip of the great Continental Divide. Transportation from Base Camp to the first zip line area on steep scenic winding mountain trails is by snow cat, 6-1/2 ton Monster Truck, or Polaris Rangers, depending on snow conditions. Participants must be able to walk short distances on downhill trails between the zip line areas. All parts of this outstanding tour are guided by experienced snowmobile and zip lining professionals.


6492 Highway 91

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