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Rise A Centre for Optimal Living
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At Rise A Centre for Optimal Living, our mission and purpose is to facilitate and empower people to optimize their health, well-being and quality of life.  With Optimal Living Chiropractic care, people overcome stress, disease, aches and pains and live healthy, happy and prosperous lives.  At Rise, every person is served with respect, authenticity and an open heart.

Chiropractic has been a major party of Dr. Mishea’s life since the day she as born.  Her father, being a chiropractor, gave her her first adjustment at just minutes old.  The way she was raised was a little different than those around her.  From an early age her lifestyle consisted of chiropractic care, an organic plant-based diet, daily exercise and play time and plenty of sun.  She led a happy and healthy childhood.  She was inspired by her experiences at her father’s practice and started to work as his assistant at the age of 15.  She witnessed miracle after miracle walk through his office and had an overwhelming feeling that this was her life-calling.  From that point, she never looked back.  School came easily to her because she was following her ultimate dream.  She started her Bachelor’s of Biology degree at Eastern Kentucky University and completed her Bachelor’s at Life University.   Life University is also where Dr. Mishea graduated and Valedictorian of her Doctorate class.  Dr. Mishea is not only an advocate of Optimal living, she practices what she teaches in her every day life.  Dr. Mishea loves to compete in running events on the road and on the trails.  She also loves hiking, practicing yoga, climbing mountains, eating a healthy organic diet, being a lifetime student and being with her friends and family. Dr. Mishea is a passionate person who is dedicated to seeing her community thrive and RISE.  Dr Mishea’s mission and purpose is to facilitate and empower you towards realizing the healing potential that resides within your body. 

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