Heritage Homes of the Valley

Heritage Homes of the Valley
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Heritage Homes of the valley began in 1987. We were the first real modular dealer in the county. Our mission is to provide an efficient and affordable custom built home at a guaranteed price on your property.

After we design a custom plan for you and the features you want for your lifestyle, the price of your home will be a firm price.

In our local area we can also do the complete site preparation and be ready for your home when it arrives.

From beginning to end we like to allow five to six months, depending on our schedule and the schedule of our subcontractors.

We work primarily in Chaffee, Park, and Lake Counties. We will do homes in Eagle, WestCliffe, Gunnison, and the San Luis Valley or other areas upon request.

We invite you to make an appointment to come in and see our simple process of designing your custom home.

All of our homes are built to the 2006 IRC building codes, the same building code that all residential structures are built to.

Heritage Homes has been in business and a member in good standing of the chamber for 35 years.

  • We design, build and finish custom built modular homes (off site constructed)
  • We design and build it for your wants, needs, and budget
  • All of our homes are individually built to your specifications
  • We are extremely proud of our insulation packages – all of our homes are energy star qualified and energy star certification is very easily accomplished.
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  • Heritage Homes of the Valley

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